Company Bose want to use noise cancellation technology to keep the cabins quiet auto

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Some may argue that the prices of the products of the Bose audio is overpriced, and for that price you can get systems sound ” better “. However, if there was a side to excel in the company Bose on competitors, you’ll have Noise Cancellation technology that you use in series headphones Bose QuietComfort.

It now seems that the company wants to take this technology to use in cars in order to control road noise. According to the company, its system to cancel road noise in the car which they call the name ” Bose QuietComfort Road Noise Control ” effectively “solve the problem of critical cooperation with car manufacturers and consumers for decades, namely, how to reduce unwanted sound in the cabin of the car due to driving on rough roads, concrete, grooved, the floor uneven “.

The noise cancellation system in the New Cars announced by the company Bose today is largely similar to the noise cancellation system of the user in the headphones company, it is the other will depend on the microphones in an attempt to adjust the external noise. However, you will be strengthening this system where other such as the accelerometer and software signal processing and audio system in the car and more. Overall, we didn’t choose the noise cancellation system, Bose QuietComfort Road Noise Control ourselves, to talk about how effective it is, but if the quiet command is looking for, you can look to the future where you can see the technique of Bose in cars.

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