Company Alphabet offer to acquire the Fitbit

In the past month, reports emerged that the company Fitbit is aware of the process of selling and it has been asking the company Alphabet (parent company Google) as a possible candidate to buy them. And now, according to reports by Reuters that the company Alphabet had submitted an offer to buy manufacturer for fitness.

Continued the Reuters report of the original with today’s report, apparently it had been put up a buy-in already. However, it has not disclosed the price of the acquisition to buy Alphabet. But it is worth noting that the company’s share Fitbit has risen by 30% on Monday, and stopped trading for a brief period. It is not clear to what extent negotiations with CNBC to confirm the offer.

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The sources stated that there was no confirmation that negotiations between Google and Fitbit will lead to any transaction.

Enjoy the company Fitbit experience of 12 years in the market of fitness devices that can be worn, but they struggled for development in smart watches, especially towards the Apple smartwatch. However, the company still enjoys a large user of a social network where the users where at most times.

This would stimulate the entry of Google to the health of the consumer, over the past year, the company was working on integrating the difference in the alphabet under the section “Google Health”. This includes research, artificial intelligence and Google Fit and Nest and DeepMind.

Will the acquisition of the Fitbit range of health data that Google can analyze them and run them through algorithms and machine learning to get healthy insights interesting and proactive suggestions.


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