Compact speaker system for all: review JBL One Series 104

Typically most users don’t even pay attention to how much quality sound provides their smartphone or computer. Much more attention is given, for example, headphones and speakers — are they? “Play”? Let them “play”. On a variety of DACs and amplifiers let the music aficionados of all stripes think, but also about the professional speakers should not be forgotten, though they are generally like an airplane wing. Although now to secure a normal picture of music reproduction possible and for a very reasonable price: for this we put in office acoustics JBL One Series 104.

Actually, it’s “svezhak” — model was introduced only earlier this year, but has already managed to settle at us in edition. Its peculiarity is not only that this is the first model of the compact speakers JBL professional (and we’ve come to associate the brand with the columns type, Charge, Pulse and others), but to use coaxial speakers. In Studio monitors, Carl! But let this not discourage you: first, the combination of both emitters has reduced the size of the columns, and in General the acoustics was very successful.

Of course the coaxial design in the Studio acoustics — something rare, but she has a number of obvious advantages. First, it allows to achieve smoother operation of high-frequency and low-frequency emitter (they are located on the same axis, so no phase distortion, and the sound more apparent. In addition, she has no difficulties connecting, separate amplification and other tricks, so to cope with the acoustics much easier. And afford it can a — at the price of slightly more than 10 000 rubles! Despite the fact that originally the system was developed for professionals, it is suitable for those who just works with sound.

If we talk about the design, it can definitely be called a win-win. You have columns rounded wall of the housing, which makes them both timeless and modern style. Therefore, One JBL Series 104 fits in any interior — both office and home. Given that many people work with sound in home studios, it is important.

But! Due to the small weight (4 pounds for two) and no need to pull a bunch of wires, speakers you can take with you — for example, outdoor events. What Studio monitors you can easily carry? Moreover, these Babes are prepared to travel in the front they are protected by a metal grid and housing are made of impact resistant plastic. Yes, it does not collect fingerprints.

On one of the columns placed in front of a discrete volume control with 20 positions and a luminous power indicator and mini-Jack port for headphones (by the way, if to use it, the speaker sound will automatically turn off). The back design of both columns is decorated with bass reflex ports and connectors to connect to each other with the power button. As for connections to the sound source, here provided as a balanced connection (for this there are TRS jacks) and unbalanced via RCA jacks.

Immediately we denote, for whom, in fact, the acoustics. First and foremost, for professionals who need a tool to work with sound. Edit video, edit, voice, podcasts, recording music — this column will cope very well. And because they are unpretentious to the source, can work directly from a PC: connect to the audio output of the MacBook — and you can work with sound.

But! We in edition few of those who are professionally engaged in the sound, so we appreciated this speaker system as a tool for listening to music in the most even frequency balance. The speakers are compact and can simply serve everyday acoustics on a small desktop, like our author, but also suitable for music listening or game “Tanks” or “Counter”.

Speakers provide an opportunity to hear all the details when creating and editing content. Help them in this new coaxial and 4.5” speakers that deliver maximum performance a clean high frequency and deep bass without a subwoofer, even at high volumes. 60-watt amplifier can raise the speaker volume up to 104 dB without distortion and it’s incredible! No other monitors in this class and at such a scale.

As for the quality of the sound when listening to the tracks — it is for this price range at altitude. Speakers get to the upper frequencies and mid-play is very decent, not choking even on the most dynamic tracks. To achieve the best effect, it is better to place the speakers at a distance of approximately 1-1. 5 meters from the listener (in an equilateral triangle), and very preferably at ear level height.

And bass. The bass in the JBL Series of 104 One is very well visible. Not a lot of straight, as in some popular acustico, namely “enough,” as the power of the engine of Rolls-Royce. It is a pity that many manufacturers no longer open to specify the frequency characteristics of the acoustic home. But JBL did not hesitate — here’s the full list:


  • WOOFER: 4,5″
  • Tweeter: 19 mm
  • Maximum peak SPL: 104 dB
  • Amplifier power: 60 watts
  • Frequency range: 60 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Signal/noise: 75 dBA
  • Dimensions: 247 × 153 × 124 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg (2.06 kg + 1.73 kg)

By the way, our colleagues have measured the frequency response of this speaker system.

For the price of a new speaker system from JBL has no flaws. It fits any genre, has an impressive volume and, most importantly — versatile. Yes, it is suitable for professional work with sound, and for listening to your favorite music at home or in the office (incidentally, we did so, although the editor asked them to give it back). Of course, this is not a replacement for full-sized monitors, but here’s another story, because for adequate value received ease of use, sound quality and… mobility! New speakers not only look stylish but are also compact. They are easy to take anywhere so you can work with sound and just enjoy your favorite tracks.

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