Communications companies of America may use the 5G technology of Huawei in the end,

The duty of the Chinese company Huawei sanctions by the U.S. government for inclusion in the Black List, what prevents American companies from dealing with them and buying their equipment. However, it seems that things are about to change.

The official said an executive at Huawei, the newspaper told Reuters that the company is in talks with some U.S. telecom operators on the licensing of technology for fifth-generation networks don’t.

Said Vincent Pang, senior vice president in the company, that some of the telecommunications companies of America have indicated their interest as long-term or one-time deal, and refused to name the companies or specify the amount, noting that such talks not to exceed two weeks old and not with the level of detailed so far.

The leaders of the U.S. government campaign against Huawei over the past months, fearing use of the equipment Huawei to spy on American citizens, and has denied Huawei repeatedly these allegations.

There is currently no provider of 5G in the United States, as Rivals of the Europeans such as the Nokia more expensive compared to do with.

Source: Reuters

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