Coming soon Huawei P30 Pro, and on this account there are two news: good and bad

It is not time to publish online information about upcoming updates Huawei Roland Quandt (Roland Quandt) and this time pleased us with some brand new information with regards to the expected flagship Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. On the published images can be seen only the top and bottom faces of both devices, but on the background of the rumours and images we’ve seen before, this is more than enough.

If you look on the top edge of both the flagships, we can see some differences. Both smartphones, as seen in the photo, on the upper end will be located microns with noise reduction. There, symmetrically opposite, P30 Pro located infrared transmitter, and the P30 does not. Why Huawei decided to do so, it is not clear, but on the lower faces of the novelties we met another unusual distinction of smartphones.

At P30 and P30 Pro bottom are the speaker, microphone and charging port for USB-C. U P30 Pro on the bottom is also a connector with the tray for the SIM card. But P30 tray is not there, but in its place is classic headphone Jack 3.5 mm. It turns out that the older model P30 Pro has an IR Blaster, but no headphone Jack, and P30 all the way around.

More on the leaked photos it becomes clear that the camera module on both smart phones will slightly protrude from the body. But we are no stranger to this, given the resolutions of today’s cameras, make the module the thickness of the shell smartphone is physically impossible. Or is it?

According to early rumors, Huawei will install its flagship periscopic camera with 10x zoom, the items in which perpendicular to the body of the smartphone, which will make the module more compact. The same, according to rumors, OPPO is developing, and she has all the same turned out to make a smartphone with no protrusions in the housing.

It is also known that Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are made of metal and glass, although they will not be identical from the point of view of design. At Huawei P30 is a flat panel display, while at P30 Pro – curved. Both smartphones will be a small teardrop-shaped cutout for the front camera at the top of the display, and below is a small “chin”. From the back side of both devices will be curved, and the Huawei logo will be located in the bottom left of the rear panel.

At Huawei P30 and P30 Pro camera will also be similar, but not identical. The similarity of the cameras of both smartphones is the number of sensors – each device three. Judging by the early leaks, lower the camera module P30 periscope Pro with 10x zoom, and a simple model P30 this camera module will not. These two smartphones will be announced March 26 at a press conference of the company. Also, probably at the same event will show the model of the middle class – Huawei P20 Lite.

And you are waiting for news from Huawei?

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