Color metal smart parking: a blessing or a curse?

اللوحات المعدنية الذكية للسيارت: نعمة أم نقمة ؟

She joined the state of “Michigan,” American state “Arizona” and”California” to become the states of the three officially are available places in America to get metal plates smart car. Although the color of the metallic smartphone was already available in the roads of the state of California for more than 6 months but the whole thing is still under development and testing, where legislators in the test results that the new technique for its effectiveness and usefulness.

Consists color metal smart motors of a metal frame locked is installed the drive and contains a display a few the consumption of energy covered with an additional layer of tempered glass. And provide the license plate had the metal smartphone with a Processor System, Computer Mini in addition to a wireless connection to the internet through the fourth generation networks mobile phone and battery changeable.

Include a distinctive color of metal smartphone users the possibility to change the background color of metal, shape to choose between black and white for the background color of the mineral characters written on them, as can the owner of the car to show short phrases supported the executive organ of the state to show empathy for things or certain positions or logo to be approved by regulators first. Through these paintings the smart vehicle registration and get a plate number on the metal electronically, and renew the color of the metal electronically and also allow that the color of metal also for company vehicles by showing ads next to the number plate.

But the actual benefits of those smart boards may not be reflected on the owner the same as what is reflected on the traffic order in full, where the color of the current that can be already obtained in those states of the American system of private registration of cars and other special public security is automatically updated so that they appear the color of the metal, the words “stolen” if what was reported stealing a car, also show that the registration of the car product, which is what makes the job of the police easier.

Are also show warning messages related to information about cars stolen in the vicinity of the balance of the car, as well as cases of kidnapping and other advertising signs.

Maybe that sounds like more incentive enough to move towards that painting of the new metal, but the real challenge shows up in the price of those paintings which $ 500 up to $ 800 for color metal smart equipped with features of extra to track the location of the car. And it stops here, where the owner needs also to monthly subscription at a price of $ 7 per month for the service. Are available those paintings and the special court through a third party company one of the contracting states of the circuit.

In appreciation, the nurses provided by these plates can move towards, but the current situation, which makes it the owner is the sole shareholder towards this challenge by choosing to buy that painting metal can never lead to their proliferation.

Video demonstration of the Color Smart:

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