Coins with IEO from Binance give x, but then much cheaper

Binance invented the principle of ICO again — because of the mass hysteria around IEO popularity of crowdfunding in the crypt is growing again. We will remind, during a bearish trend 2018 revenues start-up teams, from fundraising dropped dozens of times, and their coins ceased to be x’s.

By the way, the IEO has remarkable potential. According to the most optimistic assumptions, in the future they even can entirely replace the ICO. Several held on Binance IEO investors were able to earn quite good money. However, after the establishment of the historic high cost price of these coins began to fall rapidly.

Life after Pampa

According to analysts, Ceteris Paribus, Binance has achieved an average of 501 percent profitability from its IEO. Most of the procedures for the sale of tokens was best. MATIC, BTT and Fetch AI brought 870, 869 and 128 percent of the profits, respectively, given the historic high cost of tokens.

However, to date, MATIC, CELR and FET has fallen in price by at least 50 percent. It is noteworthy that the first coin was the most discussed during the IEO. Fortunately, even such a strong fall will not harm the long-term ambitions regarding the future Binance MATIC.

Among the other coins, the situation is also not the best. FET has fallen by at least 56 percent — and this in a trading pair with Bitcoin), CELR has lost 52 percent of the cost. It is noteworthy that the rapid growth of the tokens in part influenced the appreciation of native coins Coin Binance. Most recently, she set a new historical maximum.

At the moment MATIC is 103 place by market capitalization in our ranking of cryptocurrencies. The coin is currently trading at a 0,0250 dollar, only for the past day, its value fell by almost 7 percent.

For other IEO stay in our cryptodata.


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