Code release ZelNodes very soon. How to get node ZelCash?

Before the release of the code ZelNodes left one day, so the project team has prepared a concise guide for those who want the General outline to see the development process. Detailed instructions for installing scripts, setting up nod and videos will be published in the Medium of the developers later.

Recall ZelNodes is a three — level decentralized network with distributed computing power. The project team promises to achieve a high TPS and integration dApps together with smartcontract with shadchanim.

The contents

The progress of development

Work on ZelNodes divided into four phases:

  • the assignment of responsibilities, preparation of block diagrams, the formation of a plan for further development of the code;
  • development of structure ZelNode, integration ZelCash (including the necessary RPC calls);
  • the creation of infrastructure between nodes, the input sign a transaction, control over the purse;
  • the integration of the three-level model gcd (base, supernode and BAMF).

The first and second phases already completed, currently under final testing results of the third phase. Fortunately, while the development is in accordance with the originally planned team.

Planned additional features

Now ZelNodes requires the use of full nodes, so the user could act as a monitoring/rewarding purse. Thus it can provide the signed messages between the control purse and VPS daemon.

The programmers are working on the basic functionality of the wallet, there is a possibility of communication light addresses and nodes. According to the project team, this process requires considerable effort, but they want additional functions were ready for the first release ZelNodes.

The system requirements for the gcd

According to the project developers, ZelNodes should be the project with the greatest number of decentralized computing. Before the final release of the project, the owners of the GBR should ensure that their equipment meets at least the minimum system requirements listed below.

Activation of the base node in testnet

It is assumed that the nodes will be Internet connection with a speed level of data centers. The preferred operating system — Ubuntu Ubuntu 16 or 18. Older operating systems can become unstable. You can also use other Linux distributions besides Ubuntu. ZelNodes will support both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.


  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5–2690
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3 (ECC with Xeon)
  • SSD: 600 GB [SATA III, 6 GB/s I/O speed > 250 MB/s
  • 6 TB monthly bandwidth 100mbps+

Specific configurations are not known. The main thing is to collected of nod was able to meet these requirements.


  • Processor: Intel i5 or i7 with 4+ cores and hyper-threading technology
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3/4
  • SSD: 150 GB [SATA III, 6 GB/s I/O speed > 250 MB/s
  • 4TB monthly bandwidth 100mbps+

Instead of Intel you can pick up CPUs from AMD Ryzen similar power.

The base node ZelNode

  • Processor: Intel i3
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3/4
  • SSD: 50 GB [SATA III, 6 GB/s I/O speed > 250 MB/s
  • 2.5 TB monthly bandwidth 100mbps+

The payout structure ZelNode

Awards to the gcd will be paid for each block according to the algorithm round-robin. In other words, the nodes of each level will receive their intended award, and then fall down in a line for the new payment.

Each unit ZelNodes will have four transaction: payment of PoW and 3 payments to nodes of different levels. Instead of weekly or monthly payments, every owner of a node will get its cryptocurrency in the shortest possible time according to its order in the queue.

Release ZelNodes

Initially, the project had to go out of beta in the fourth quarter of 2018, but the final release date was moved to January 31 to coincide with the anniversary of the start of work on ZelNodes. Now programmers looking for bugs in the code and conduct final preparations for the designated day.

So, the schedule looks like this:

  • code release ZelNodes — January 31, 2019;
  • activation ZelNodes — February 21, 2019 (block 278 000).

While we all want to have time to acquire and configure the hardware to the gcd. According to the developers, the opportunity to participate any enthusiast in the development of the project — a good sign of decentralization.

Community ZelNodes

To help users ZelNodes support is divided into three levels. Those who took an active part in the development of scripts and amended the code, will be selected by the development team to improve the project. Their scripts will also consider community, then to add to Github.

The second level of new instructions and detailed explanations of technical issues of the project both in written and in video format. While in ZelNodes there are several vacancies for translators into different languages.

Third level — discussion of issues, suggestions and bugs in the shell. And of course, our cryptcatwhere you can get the latest information on the progress of work ZelNodes.


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