Code names assure us of a new arrival Galaxy Note 10 the size of two different


Samsung detects four different models of the Galaxy S10 in the month of February along with the Galaxy Fold folding. Now appeared a new report reveals four names symbolic at least of the phone Galaxy Note 10, which indicates that this phone will be available in two different sizes, and each one of them have one version that supports 4G and the other supports the 5G.

According to the source, because names of symbols and SM-N970 and SM-N970 belong to the Galaxy Note 10 note that women larger you’ll probably get the name of the +Galaxy Note 10. And I suggested in previous reports that women are of the big size of the phone Galaxy Note 10 will have a screen with a diameter of 6.75 inches, while Will women’s small-sized screen with a diameter of 6.28 inches. On the other hand, the frequency as well that the Galaxy Note 10 will have three cameras at the back, while Will +Galaxy Note 10 four cameras in the back. As has been already mentioned, there will be a version that supports 4G and the other supports 5G of every phone download code names SM-N971, SM-N976.

Of course, these are the code names for various models of the Galaxy S10, and will add the characters that symbolize each market for these code names. Usually comes the Chinese version with the number 0 at the end, while the units come world with war F. thus, this means that the Chinese version of the Galaxy Note 10, you will get the code name SM-N9700, while you get global version the code name SM-N975F. Of course, we still have to wait for a long time before the official unveiling of the phone, so the specifications are still unknown and likely won’t be the company Samsung has set the final specifications which will come with a phone of its next flagship.


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