Co-founder to serve the Vine opens registration for content creators for the post of a Byte


In the past month, announced the co-founder of Vine, Mr. Dom Hofmann officially that it will launch what will basically the second version of the platform Vine. This new service will get the name of the Byte, and it seems now that the company has started to accept registrations from content creators who might want to check the service.

Request the registration page from the users to send their account details on social networks, including the size of the audience, and if they are users for Vine in the past. It also asks them to answer some questions such as what might have been looking for this content in a Byte, and this seems a good way for content creators to shed light on the things that they don’t like in the other address in platform Byte new.

At the moment, it is still not clear how will the platform Byte. Although it has been portrayed as the second version of the platform Vine, but we’re not sure if it was intended literally to designate people of short video clips, or try to compete with YouTube. Since the closure of the platform, Vine, has become the many users of this product stars on YouTube, but it remains to be seen whether these will return to the platform Byte or not.

It is expected that the launch of Service Byte in the year 2019, but at the moment, can content creators interested definitely register their interest by Be company Byte to agree with them.


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