Co-founder of WhatsApp, urging users to delete Facebook accounts

We all know that WhatsApp has become a buy Facebook after page standard paid by the company to the developers of the App years ago, the value reached 19 billion. Despite that huge money which pounds by the founders of the app, but it didn’t hide the abduction of a way to treat Facebook with user data, and then leave the company permanently.

But that didn’t end silently, February Acton the co-founder on Facebook was present in the effective in the University of Stanford during the past days andtalked about the exploit companies like Google and Facebook data of the users, but he didn’t write about it but to urge users to delete their account from the network by saying that the people granted those companies say to the content and, and then they buy the products from them and subscribe to their services.

Recall that the founder of WhatsApp, the company you had asked the users to delete their accounts from Facebook after the scandal of the Cambridge Asia that hit Facebook the beginning of last year.

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