Co-founder of Facebook wants to separate the social network

Financial Markets Wall Street Facebook, New York, USA - 29 Mar 2018

You think Facebook is the social network most commonly used on this planet and do not enjoy any other service that influence enjoyed by this social network. Obviously this has led to concerns about competition in the market, where some have advocated the separation of the social network. One of the people who decided to join the list of claimants that is Mr. Chris Hughes who is considered one of the founders of Facebook.

Was Chris Hughes part of the team that contributed to the establishment of a network of Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg in residence at Harvard University about 15 years ago. Written Chris Hughes in an editorial to the newspaper The New York Times that it should be on the Federal Trade Commission to reverse acquisition of Facebook on WhatsApp and Instagram to increase competition in the market of chat services and social media.

Argue Chris Hughes that Facebook has become proprietary, which has led to reduced competition, and this in turn led to reduced innovation. There is no alternative to Facebook, so users only have only the option to use this social network or refrain from it without any alternative application. Furthermore, it was explained by Mr. Chris Hughes that he did not launch any social network since 2011, and that 84 percent of the expenditures on ads and social networking go to Facebook.

Commented Mr. Chris Hughes also on the strength of Mark Zuckerberg within the company also, explaining that his ownership of the majority of Facebook shares means that there is no internal examination for his behavior. And Mr. Chris Hughes : ” Mark’s a good person and cute, but I’m mad that its focus on growth drove him to sacrifice security humoured and clicks “.

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