Co-founder of Ethereum: crypto-currencies the future is bright,

Yesterday, the Bitcoin exchange rate fell below the psychological mark of 6 thousand dollars per coin. Analysts believe that the first crypto currency could fall even lower — to 5 thousand dollars, after which growth will begin.

One of the Ethereum founders Charles Hoskinson believes that the prospects of the stock market is not so grim. Large investors are preparing to invest in digital assets, which will inevitably lead to growth of the entire industry. His words leads Cryptovest.

What will happen to Bitcoin

Hoskinson, urged the owners of the coins hoglet and to abandon the “panic selling” Bitcoins, which is likely to result in loss of money and further drop of the market, than to the preservation of resources.

The future of cryptocurrency is bright. In the near future regulators will determine the status and rules of the circulation of digital money, and then come to the market institutional investors. In this case, the coins will get trillions of dollars.

Forecast co-founder of Ethereum sounds really, the newspaper notes. Especially after Goldman Sachs launched a platform for bitcoin trading. The probability that in the near future other big companies will start to buy digital money is quite high.

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