Co-founder Circle: all world currency will be cryptocurrency

In may, the developer of the payment system and cryptocurrency store Circle has attracted $ 110 million investment from Bitmain and other investors. In the near future the company intends to launch a USD Coin, pegged to the U.S. dollar. Now one of the company’s co-founders Jeremy Allaire said that in the very near future, all Fiat money will get a digital version. This writes CNBC.

How cryptocurrency will change the Economics

For example, he led USD Coin. The company believes that the coin will accelerate transactions with the American national currency and reduce its volatility.

We use stablecoins, coins with a fixed exchange rate and almost zero volatility to refocus the global economy on digital money. We are interested in the fact that international transactions were conducted in bitcoin.

Circle has developed its own payment system that allows you to translate both Fiat and cryptocurrency without a fee. In addition, the company is developing a virtual repository for digital money. In the future, the Circle intends to launch tokens that are pegged to the Euro and pound. Market Asian currencies, the company does not intend to leave because of too high competition.

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