Cloudflare launches VPN service free Warp for Android users and iOS

Announced online services (cloud flair) Cloudflare on Thursday announced the launch of the final version of the service virtual private network VPN – (Warsaw) Warp – to apply the DNS of no – – to all users.

The company had announced the service (Warsaw) in the month of April last with a view to preserving the privacy of users after increasing the speed of their connection to the internet via

The company (Cloud Flir) has announced the launch of the application on 1 April 2018 as a service to the DNS exist for ordinary consumers, and then it will increase the speed of your internet connection and make it more private.

The company claims to, which arrived in the month of November last to portable devices as an application, “DNS service-oriented to consumers the fastest in the internet, which they make Privacy its top priority”. While both OpenDNS and Google DNS are, the (cloud FLIR) focus primarily on the side of privacy in the DNS service with its own promise to erase all records of DNS queries within 24 hours.

It is indicated that the DNS services provided by internet service providers to turn domain names such as to the real IP address understood by routers and switches. It is an essential part of the internet, but DNS servers provided by internet service providers slow, unreliable, often.

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Internet service providers can or any Wi-Fi network to use the DNS servers to all websites that users visit, which is a violation of privacy. Play as DNS services play an important role in helping users around the world in passing the restricted sites in their countries.

Today; besides the provision of the service (and) the day to all users of the service on mobile devices operating systems Android and(iOS), launched (iCloud Flair) paid version of the service on behalf of (and plus) Warp Plus the advantage that it used a technique (Argo) Argo of the company, which provides advanced level of speed and security.

And the (cloud flair): if there are “nearly two million people” on the waiting list for the service (Rabin). She wanted to launch (and) in the month of July last, but all took longer than expected.

Besides providing privacy and security provided by other VPN services on mobile devices, designed to (cloud flair) service (Warsaw); to work better on mobile devices, they are used to – for example – protocol WireGuard VPN, which the company says: it will be the consumption of battery power compared to the applications of the other VPN. As the company says the service will reduce data consumption also through caching, compression and content if possible.

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