Cloudflare launches a VPN application for smartphones

The company launched the Cloudflare application for smart phones operating systems Android and iOS to provide a service the networks default VPN, which is the protection of traffic users on the internet with better speed at the same time.

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The goal of Cloudflare to provide the VPN service is to facilitate the use in the harsh conditions faced by the mobile phones, from change between networks, Wi-Fi, and switch between Wi-Fi and data, so that the VPN service will continue to work permanently regardless of changes in the network, which is what we have seen in our experience simple.

While the VPN slows down internet, but the company has promised to provide service to maintain the speed of the internet, a free full lifetime, and the company promises not to store any data users.

You can download the VPN application from the company, Cloudflare from the official store for Android devices and iOS, or through click here to download for Android, or click here to download for iOS devices.

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