Cloud storage service Google One up for more users in the United States

google One

Google Drive is a response to Google on cloud storage services. This cloud service from Google Inc. provides storage space free to users, but there are also plans driven if users want more space. However, this may be a bit confusing, which is why Google announced earlier this year about the Google One, a cloud storage service Paid from the company.

Was Google One available is a bit limited in the beginning, but through a new publication on the official blog explained the US company Google that the Google One has become open to a larger number of users in the United States of America. According to google, it has stated by saying : ” recently, we introduced Google One plan, which gives you more storage space and help you get more out of Google. Over the past few months, he was promoted people who have plans driven from Google Drive to Google One. Starting today, people can in the United States choose to upgrade to Google One “.

There will be a variety of options for users to choose from, where users can get 100GB of storage cloud for$ 1.99 a month and get 200GB compared to$ 2.99 in a month, while they can get 2 terabyte of storage space cloud for$ 9.99 per month. We can use these spaces for storage and with many of the products and services of Google, such as Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.

In addition to being just a service for cloud storage, the Google company to promote support 24 hours a day, seven days a week where users can contact our support team to help them in recovering files that have been accidentally deleted, answer questions and more. Google users One will also receive credits in the Google Play Store, and Special Offers for hotels and more. For people interested, they can move to the location of the Google One on the web to get details on how to subscribe.



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