Cloud storage service Google One Up for more countries, including Arab countries

google One

In early 2018, Google announced a new service for cloud storage called Google One. This service is basically a paid version of Google Drive, it enables users to pay a monthly subscription or a year to get more storage space for their cloud if they wish to do so. This service was available in a limited number of countries initially, but it seems it has now reached to a larger number of users.

According to reports from users, it seems that the company Google has launched Google One in more countries which include New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Chile, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, and Belgium. Thus, if you live in one of these countries, you can move to Google page One you will be able to subscribe to the service.

When it comes to prices, they vary slightly from one country to another, and thus it is possible to be more expensive in some countries compared with others, although the difference in price will not be great. As has been already mentioned, you’ll be users can pay on a monthly basis or yearly basis.


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