Cloud solutions will be an integral part of the UAE vision 2021 and the vision, Saudi Arabia vision 2030

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Confirmed a new study carried out by the Company Company F5 networks, in cooperation with the Agency, Think Positive research to senior executives and entrepreneurs in the Arab Gulf states and Egypt, studying the positive impact and transformational technologies of cloud computing on the business environments are different.

The study included new views of 250 senior executives and business owners from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Egypt.

The study indicated that most companies in the Arabian Gulf region, 99 percent think that adopting cloud solutions can have a positive effect on market share, and helps in the removal of competitors.

He reported 90 percent of the respondents to move towards cloud solutions improves the understanding of the brand, while praised the 89 percent of participants, the ability of cloud solutions to improve the rates of innovation, as there was a clear consensus on the potential of cloud solutions and its ability to enhance the overall Customer Experience by 90 percent.

Similarly, the keenness of the 96 percent of decision-makers to highlight the potential role played by the cloud in driving the transformation initiatives undertaken by governments, he said 97 percent of the respondents that the cloud solutions will be an integral part of the vision, Saudi Arabia vision 2030, 91 percent favour this view, the UAE vision 2021.

Most of the participants to the importance of local laws and regulations as the basis for supporting adopt cloud solutions, where indicated 68 percent of them to the positive influence of no, and Kuwait are the most positive in this regard by 78 percent, followed by the United Arab Emirates increased by 77 percent, Saudi Arabia by 64 percent.

Speaking about the advantages of cloud computing, monitoring of the opinions of the participants in the study of its importance, the issue of increasing the efficiency of the business these benefits recognized by the 64 percent of companies surveyed, followed by savings in costs by 52 percent, and operational flexibility increased by 48 percent, and the time of access to the market by 46 percent.

Noted approximately 35 percent of the respondents indicated that the adoption of cloud solutions will support the growth of the business by a rate ranging between 25 and 50 percent, predicted a 25 percent of them to induce this milk growth by 51 to 75 percent, while 18 percent of them to growth of between 76 and 99 percent.

The proportion of the most important applications currently used in the cloud related to operations 57 percent, and services 47 percent, and marketing and 43 percent business, 40 percent, and human resources 28 percent.

By 2025, reported 39 percent of companies in the Gulf states that approximately 25 to 50 percent of applications will be on the cloud, while collecting 23 percent of them to women would be between 51 and 75 percent, provided 20 percent important 76 to 99 percent of applications will be on the cloud.

It uses nearly half of the participants in the study, 45 percent is currently one provider of cloud services, but with the rising levels of consciousness will be the cloud solutions to multiple available in the scene, it uses 20 percent of respondents currently 2 to 6 with two, and 3 percent use 7 to 10 with. And Google to the forefront as a provider of the most prevalent and widely used by nearly 43 percent, followed by Microsoft by 25 percent, while 23 percent of respondents pointing to their use of service providers a world they did not identify these providers.

Challenges and constraints

There are a set of parameters and challenges facing business in the Gulf region to adopt cloud solutions, the most important being the issue of data security, “78 percent of all respondents”, and this concerns particularly in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 92 percent, followed by Bahrain which rose by 83 percent, then the United Arab Emirates increased by 80 percent.

Other challenges include facing the adoption of cloud solutions to the issue of match policies 44 percent, the problem of data integrity, landed by 31 percent.

Is also the problem of the availability of appropriate staff to manage the technique of pressing issues, where as 83 percent of the decision makers, this problem as a major challenge, as states that suffer from a lack of these skills and competencies are Saudi Arabia 89 percent, followed by Amman stand-alone version.

Chime results of the foundation study Think Positive with the results of the Annual Report of the state of application delivery by company F5 networks, which indicated that the application of security policies consistent applications is the most challenging aspect in the management of the environment of the cloud solutions to multiple, according to 42 percent of the customers of F5 networks in Europe, Middle East and Africa surveyed.

Said Diego area, vice president in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa have company F5 networks: “cloud computing has huge potential to achieve change is comprehensive and radical in the style of work of enterprises and institutions in the Arab Gulf states”.

Continued Arab saying: “the new study is that despite the presence of big areas and deploy cloud computing projects in the region, however, the public perception of the potential capabilities of these techniques is at its highest level ever, as seen by the decision makers in the organization to cloud computing as a top priority to develop their business, as the companies that continue innovation and build a sustainable strategy adopt cloud technologies you’ll be able to enjoy the competition, meet compliance goals, and be more capable of contributing to projects the main control of a government-supported”.

Source: cloud solutions will be an integral part of the UAE vision 2021 and the vision, Saudi Arabia vision 2030

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