Cloud Platform to Apple’s “iCloud” offers its subscribers the new 200 GB free

المنصة السحابية لآبل "آي كلاود" توفر لمشتركيها الجدد 200 جيجا بايت مجاناً

Has Google in the beginning of the month to submit cuts to its service cloud, under the name Google One, and it is clear that competition between the giants is not only limited to the efficiency of its devices, but include all the way to pay to increase the number of customers and users.

Here’s today’s iCloud “iCloud” Cloud Platform for Apple TV, offer for new users who are not registered in the service previously, the space 200 GB free, for two months and then you will continue to enjoy the service, the amount of 2.99$, and the presentation will be available only at the level of the customers in the United States.

And this is the first time that the Apple storage cloud for free, they are providing 5 GB free for iCloud users, has been provided at the beginning of the year, pack of 50, in MB free for one month, at which time some users complained of running out of the amount available to them on the cloud, when the Committee to save the backup of photos and videos on iCloud.

Can’t say for sure that this new page of Apple’s best of all, they are not much different from its predecessors, but it is good to attract new customers, and provide a solution to compensate for running out of space backup for the right price.

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