Clinic of the future: views on the area for the first time through the portal GITEX 2018

عيادة المستقبل: تُطل على المنطقة للمرة الأولى من خلال بوابة جيتكس 2018

On the sidelines of the exhibition “GITEX 2018” report which concluded its mid-month, announced the company “du”, UAE for cooperation with a French company under the name of OLEA, specializing in support the case of technical services, to bring the technology to a whole new in the health care field holds the name of the clinic of the future or “station consulting, medical The Consult Station“.

Designed “cell consulting medical” to provide medical service principle in remote areas and those which are not available services and medical facilities through the visual contact with the specialized doctors can through that unit to get a lot of vital signs and medical information of the patient.

Come back in the form of capsule or compartment metal measuring 191 cm length, 121 CM, and weight reaches 285 kg, and a seat for the patient, the system will transmit video calls high-quality digital, in addition to a large range of sensors, machinery and medical aid to the patient to install and use by yourself under the guidance of a doctor talking to you across the large display screen.

The unit, which enters the patient inside and closes the door to get the necessary privacy, the device for measuring blood pressure, measure weight and height, a device for measuring the percentage of oxygen in blood, the error for measuring temperature, a device for measuring the electrical activity of the heart, the device to examine the ear, a device to examine the skin, and lawyers to examine the sky and. And features all devices easily used by the patient under the guidance of a doctor.

The company produced H4D French that unit, which we don’t know yet the total cost, if the police are already running their system and benefit in a number of European countries compared to 3000 euros per month.

I didn’t scream, “du” Emirates through on its intentions in terms of deployment of those cabins or that in the UAE in the future or the cost to get it up and running, once viewed as a solution revolutionary technology in the field of health care.

The video below explains the mechanism of the use of this medical capsule:


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