Click to chat application a reporter from the want to WhatsApp without extra number


We have reviewed the way the correspondent of the see cross-reality application students don’t have to add the number to the app which require to work manually to add a preset to the list of names on your mobile phone.

What have we reviewed in the article HERE, cost to a large extent, but we know there is another way much easier to depend on a very small app, Click to chat you can rely on in times of want.

Application as Click to chat available on the Google Play Store at the following link:


There is no settings, the app is easy to use and shows you a simple window to choose the country code and write the phone number to turn on the running reality app official account installed on your phone to the reporter by directly without the need to apply due account to this new number.

As I said previously. You can write to yourself in this way is like sending yourself some of the passwords that you want to keep it, or some private photos.


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