Clear and strategic partner for snapchat in the kingdom

The company signed clear with snapchat’s partnership to be under the skies of a partner easy for governments in the kingdom, and authorized to sell products ads snapchat for Government, semi-government in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Clear of the leading companies in the field of e-marketing and digital media in the Middle East, where the innovative style and to create balance and effective communication to its customers by managing the presence of their media and their marketing and the beginning of plans oasis through industry content and then produce it and take it out and the end of the reports already live them and allow them to develop the work and decision-making.

The. A. algebra the general manager of the skies of the importance of this partnership which aims to provide the snap Snapchat Sha as effective communication to enable the government institutions and semi-government organizations communicate with the public at large, and enhance their presence and achieve their goals, as expressed m. Sami al rasheed, CEO of sky and expressed his pleasure with this partnership which is an important step to serve the aspirations of the company in the sport of this area.

Added General Manager for snapchat Snapchat Sha in the Middle East Hussein frasier that the sky is a privileged partner of a pioneer in this area, and will continue this partnership in supporting these customers in the Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia.

Has snapchat more than 178 187 million users per day ( 13 million users in Saudi Arabia ) to share photos and videos with family and friends and watching content provided by the best publishers around the world.

The platform snape شاتSnapchat a distinctive way of being that encouraged people to creativity through the “Apple spice via with visual content”, and is considered the platform users snapchat best activity, and that according to the numbers of the significant interaction, most notably:

  • The average time spent by a user on the app about 30 minutes a day.
  • The average perception of the users in the snapchat exceed 20 photo or video a day.
  • The rate of users who share photos and videos daily to exceed 60%
  • More than 3.5 million photo or video depicting a day.


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