Clamshell phones with flexible displays a reality right here and now, but there’s a catch

We have already told you that Motorola is rumored to be working on a foldable smartphone, which will be the successor of the legendary ruler of devices RAZR. And now it became known that known at the same time, when Motorola was at its peak, the manufacturer of smartphones and their components, Sharp looking in the same direction as Motorola, creating your foldable smartphone in the form factor clamshell with display, folding inside.

On the positive side, prototype video below, it can be noted that the display it’s only one and it folds inwards, which in theory, should protect it from all kinds of scratches and even more broken. Strange nuances here, too, it is possible to notice, and among them “bangs” at the top of the display. Looking at this smartphone, it seems that here it does not smell the future. Well, what “bangs” Sharp, seriously? I can only assume that the “bangs” were made in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the production company, they say we can bend and cut-outs in the display to do.

Japanese trading network Mainichi reports that Sharp uses OLED technology (not surprising) and that the screen appears to be successfully passed testing at 30 thousand folding. For comparison, Samsung claims that have tested the display, Galaxy Fold, folded it 200 thousand times.

Most disappointing is the fact that the Japanese manufacturer hopes to bring a commercial product to market only “a few years”. It’s quite long, considering that the competitors are not asleep.

Huawei and Samsung are planning to release their foldable phones in the coming months, and Motorola, Xiaomi and Oppo, as it became known recently, not just work on their own folding devices, and going it’s to throw on the conveyor. So to Sharp a bit risky to wait a few years, because by that time other brands will be in full release is the second, and even third, generation of foldable smartphones.

It is possible that shown in the video prototype may be calculated not on the consumer segment, since Sharp is the first manufacturer of displays. In addition, the Japanese giant has traditionally engaged in the production of LCD displays, and go to OLED decided in October last year, therefore, I suppose the cot with stand can be something of a beacon to attract the attention of potential customers (mobile phone manufacturers) to make that Sharp, actually, here and now able to flexible displays.

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