City snap Financial is leaving the company after only 8 months

مدير سناب المالي يغادر الشركة بعد 8 أشهر فقط

It seems that the feelings Snape with managers don’t belong because of the way they work and manage her boss Evan Spiegel if you will, as the new CFO of the company, Tim Stone, will be leaving his post after about 8 months of joining the company only to the knees of managers departing in all positions during the financial period.

It was Stone has joined the company Snape coming from Amazon in the hope of achieving success different after nearly 20 years spent in the Empire of e-commerce, but it didn’t go the way you wanted as it is clear which made him decide to leave his post early.

Explained Stone, in a memorandum presented by the commission Exchange Stock Exchange yesterday, that the reason for leaving his post back to the quest for other teams better, but without mentioning any details about it.

And the founder of Snape, Evan Spiegel, in an e-mail message he sent to his staff, about the survival of Tim Stone in his post until a replacement is found private homes and that the company does not have any alternative at the moment, as he spoke to why he left the company not related to any internal differences or something.

It is worth mentioning that the company is preparing to announce the results of the fourth fiscal quarter not for the year 2018 after 20 days from now it is expected the decline in its revenues once again, but even before the announcement, have declined the company’s shares on the stock exchange increased by 8% after the announcement of the departure of Tim Stone.

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