Circle CEO: Bitcoin will have a greater impact on society than the Internet

Most recently, Circle conducted an AMA session on Reddit. CEO of the company Jeremy Allaire and other representatives of the company answered the most common questions community. Also members of the team Circle was summed up in 2018 for the company and noticed the prospects of cryptocurrency development.

Bitcoin will become a world currency

AMA began with a small report about the success Circle for 2018:

  • startup investment platform Circle Invest;
  • participate in the development stablon USDC;
  • buy crowdfunding platform SeedInvest.

The financial records of the Circle is also encouraging large numbers. The division of OTC trading Circle Trade at the moment made more than 10 thousand transactions with a total amount of 24 billion dollars. At the end of the initial section of the answers to the questions the company representatives reported on the current progress of work on Pay Circle and Circle Research.

The first question users were asked to define the “Central mission” of the company in the long term. CEO Circle noted the potential of the crypt as a tool for global integration of the world society in the unified open financial system. He also compared the impact of Bitcoin on the world with the invention of the Internet.

In my opinion, the crypt is more important and disruptive innovation than the Internet. Its impact on society, politics, the economy and the state will be much greater in the long run.

Source: Reddit

Another interesting question asked by the user under the name jjrolls. He asked the Circle if the stock market “place” for the huge number of altcoins. According to General Director of the company, future ratings cryptocurrencies may well be full of a million different digital assets. While most recognition will only receive the Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies with good credibility in the community.


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