Chromecast in stores Best Buy Before you reveal about Google

Chromecast في متجر Best Buy قبل أن تكشف عنه شركة قوقل

A few days before the launch of the Google their new on the ninth of October next, one of the customers Chromecast from one of the stores Best Buy Before It is disclosed officially by Google, to play it up with delivery of large, long-phones and basic, depending on the site AndroidPolice, have the customer take a picture of the device and the story Buy it for the second part of the Chromecast on the website Reddit .

Buyer say that he would have liked buying a Chromecast the store Best Buy when you notice a change on the body External of the device, where I think it’s just a new update on the exterior design, and during the resurrection of the accounting to pay for the device not an accessory after the running store, said the cashier appends the product under the old version of Chromecast, where he got it the same price as the old version.

Chromecast في متجر Best Buy قبل أن تكشف عنه شركة قوقل

It seems that we now became aware of a new product will be announced by Google at the event, become familiar with more about what are the devices that will be launched by the company in addition to phones basic.

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