Chrome sends the correspondence of users on Google server

Browser Google Chrome passes through a Google server, all messages that users send and receive within the mail client ProtonMail. This drew the attention of the user of the website Reddit with nick lioploum. According to him, he noticed it during a session of correspondence with his wife when he sent her a message, which, obviously, has been subject to translation, despite the fact that he hasn’t activated this feature manually.

As reported lioploum, he and his wife lead a correspondence working exclusively within ProtonMail, which makes it simple to share large amounts of information without fear of hacking. This is due to the fact that lioploum writes short stories in French, and his wife acts as a corrector, helping him to correct mistakes and verify the facts.

How Chrome reads your correspondence

“Today I sent her a long letter quite complex content — admits lioploum. — [In response] she asked me why I use so many English words, and why my proposed built in such a horrible way. Then I realized that it was not the letter that I sent to her. I checked the sent folder, but everything was in order. However, her computer was my message, which was translated from French to English and then back to French.”

How to disable Chrome to read your correspondence

As an experiment, lioploum asked my wife to check sent them a message in the app ProtonMail iOS and again everything was normal. Then everything fell into place: the strangeness starts when the wife lioploum checks mail via Chrome. “After a brief search I found that the option is off, automatic translation of foreign texts fixes the problem,” said lioploum.

It would seem, what could be wrong with the function of automatic translation? Actually, the conclusion you can draw from that, it’s pretty scary. The opportunity Chrome to translate the texts of the messages means that every message that is send via ProtonMail with the help of the Google browser, is analyzed by the servers of the search giant, and the only way to eradicate this – simply refuse to use Chrome at all.

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