Chrome 73 brings night mode to the computers Mac

Launched Google updated Chrome 73 which offers many new features most notably a new design situation one night on the computers Mac, as well as the compilation tab for better support for multimedia keys in the keyboard and also the regards to the position of the image within the image, and other.

Let’s start with the night mode where is available now via the Chrome 73 on the edges of the Mac PC will be later on Windows also, and a copy of the Mojave and activate Night Mode will still be the browser the degree of color substantially similar to the color used in Design Mode hidden.

Also for people who open a lot of tabs now the process of cleaning it easier by grouping tabs together. Can control the video or audio within the browser through keyboard buttons the multimedia such as the pause operation and move to the next, or subsequent, and the activation status of the image within the image automatically when you move the page away from the video display.

Within the settings of Chrome there is a new section especially syncing services, Google facilitates the control settings data collection and audit are. And as usual there fix a lot of problems and errors and fill security holes.

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