Chrome 72 drops support for versions of TLS comes with a back several pages long-tap the

كروم 72 يسقط الدعم لإصدارات TLS ويأتي بميزة الرجوع عدة صفحات بضغطة طويلة

Almost been about two months since the release of Google version Chrome 71 on the desktop and mobile phones and, as usual according to the schedule for the development of the browser which usually takes 6 weeks, here’s the Chrome version 72 became available on desktop computers and smart phones, where download this version in particular improvements security is important and beneficial changes.

Which most notably the option to refer to a few pages, where this new version makes the process even easier, by holding down the back button will be the tabs the previous, This is identical to the water available in Chrome on the desktop.

كروم 72 يسقط الدعم لإصدارات TLS ويأتي بميزة الرجوع عدة صفحات بضغطة طويلة

Also there is support for the design of the Chrome Duet buy titles bottom, simply put this design process on the transfer list to Chrome to the lower band, with the addition of some of the other buttons for easier access, and still the design is not possible by default, you need access to the settings, once enabled there is a guide for how to take advantage of the new options, in order to enable it you just have to search for chrome-duet in the page chrome: // flags and enable him to pass the tape.

كروم 72 يسقط الدعم لإصدارات TLS ويأتي بميزة الرجوع عدة صفحات بضغطة طويلة

Regarding changes to security, with version Chrome the 72 the work was stopped Layer Security TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1, which is the energy used by the HTTPS sites to ensure the transfer of all data via a secure connection, and was released in 1999 and 2006 respectively, thus becoming this energy is susceptible to multiple types of attacks, as well as that the encryption layer of TLS 1.1 is weak.

Therefore will appear the warnings in the console of the browser when you visit a site using TLS 1.0 / 1.1, and the start of next year will open these sites in the Download Full, and at the same time planning a browser other Firefox to drop support for these versions in 2020.

As and Chrome 72 on some of the changes related to APIs web authentication, where the API allows applications to these sites using security key or fingerprint or other way to facilitate the entry of you so instead of the password, with the signal that it is still the most major sites don’t have a choice to use this API, but allows Chrome now Keys Bluetooth U2F such as open Google Titan and Windows Hello as ways sources.

Finally won’t know Chrome anymore content (images / videos / PDFs / etc) from the FTP server, it is still possible to download the links to FTP files, with a list of additions for developers, and now to experience the Chrome version 72 have downloaded file APK from here, to launch the official version later.

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