Chrome 70 supports picture-in-picture in both Mac and windows and Linux

كروم 70 يدعم وضع صورة داخل صورة في كل من ماك وويندوز ولينكس

Support the Google Android phones put the picture inside the picture or PiP through the updated Android Oreo, which provided water year 2017, to avoid this situation today version desktop for both Mac system and Linux and windows cross-browser Chrome 70, where the reports of Android Police that the situation will be available in Chrome by default, and allows the PiP mode the user is watching a video Like on YouTube during the completion of the work on his computer, and through the minimized window your video and put it where he wants, just as is applicable on Android phones.

This feature is very useful where it is available for both Linux and windows and Mac in Chrome 69, but it wasn’t in the default mode ‘ for settings as the current version,, soon will the system Wear OS on the situation, use the picture mode within the picture PiP click the right mouse button inside the frame that contains the video and then chose to put the picture inside the picture (Picture in Picture), and will need to double click inside the frame being YouTube and some other media players is the initial of its options, the second will be the player settings Chrome which will the desired option, as shown in the picture :

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