Christmas mushroom happy – they exchanged greetings and out on the next new news app!

Family edit a site “News Apps” share to all the pioneers of the site, applications, devices, Apple, Android, plus our friends and partners in social networks best wishes most beautiful greetings on the occasion of Eid al Fitr pleading with the Almighty to live by them and we and all the Muslims out and in the best case.

عيد فطر سعيد من أخبار التطبيقات

Christmas mushroom happy of the news applications

As we meet all the most beautiful blessings true it budgets, open board here for all the pioneers of our site and applications, to exchange greetings on the occasion of the feast .

What awaits you through the News Apps in the holiday?

In the first days of the feast await you a great selection from a range of apps have been carefully selected in addition to offers Apps free for a limited time, which will be posted on the groups during any holiday happy, of course, don’t miss it .

The second day of Eid and the rest of the days waiting for you more apps and offers carefully selected, which will make the Feast of your nicest . So don’t forget to invite your friends and your loved ones, your participation application that will be posted with everyone to spread the interest and tourism for all the work exceptionally.

Yes, there’s more …

In addition to all of that via our social networks regularly you offers beautiful, fun and free for a limited time on the clock, so they joined the family of News Apps in the social networking now, so don’t forget to follow us via our pages in “facebook” and“twitter” and“telegram” and “Instagram” , so don’t miss your share of our the ambience of a holiday in order to receive the wonderful gifts provided by the “news applications” which is so much fun this year be close 🙂

Be waiting with us in the news app .

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