Christmas is near.. how to buy instrument of sacrifice of immediate

With the beginning of the countdown to Eid al Adha, which is having the slaughter the most important of its corners, looking for some way suitable to his condition of economic participation by the option and buy the udhiyah, so the Egyptian food Bank the possibility to buy an udhiyah.

Can I buy an udhiyah via fawry Fawryservice available in the hundreds of immediate and distribution points covering the Arab Republic of Egypt, where you can visit any of those ports, and follow the following:

(1) From the main menu to enter the contributions.

(2) The introduction of the food Bank.

(3) Choose the type of instrument.

(4) Enter the mobile number.

(5) pay and receive the receipt.

Not limited to the purchase instrument of the sacrifice of the immediate regions of their distribution and their only, you can purchase through banks that offer immediate services, which you find in this link, such as the National Bank of Egypt, Bank Misr and Bank of Cairo وCIB, as well as through the services of a mobile wallet, such as phone cash and smart Wallet, which you find in this link.

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