Choose underwater photography do with dead 20 Pro

Owns Huawei dead 20 Pro one of the best smartphone cameras currently available, and among the characteristics of the many, we find that the underwater photography is the least famous, so the website Android Authority recently piloted.

Huawei mate 20 pro special waterproof case

The design style of underwater photography to allow you to capture photos in depths, although the phone is resistant to water, but immediately run this style be reminded of the status of Kafr el-Huawei-resistant to the water that we see the picture at the top, add the importance to follow the instructions since any damage to the phone as a result of failure to follow will not be covered by the warranty.

Huawei mate 20 Pro Underwater Mode warning

Currently, it is not expected Kafr el-Huawei-resistant water only to China, so the test camera performance using the Kafr traditional water-resistant.

When you run the style of underwater photography, it becomes a button to increase the sound level is the user to take pictures while the Volume Down button and record videos, and use the button to increase the sound during recording to stop filming temporarily or pressing on the Volume Down button again to end recording.

Experience has revealed about the fact that this situation needs several improvements because you can’t use the front camera, or lenses, wide-angle and the background.

In addition, you can’t go out of style underwater photography only through to a small rectangle at the bottom of the screen, which you can only do after decoding infidelity waterproof, what means that the phone may contain, or will be forced to go from deep water to first out of this pattern.

Huawei mate 20 pro Underwater Mode exit

According to the reviewer, after less than a minute of holding the phone to the water and start to swim, and came out dead 20 Pro automatically from the style of underwater photography to the list settings, it seems that because of the water effect on the screen.

This in spite of these problems, the simple, the Huawei dead 20 Pro features has a great camera, where it is expected that the company can fix all of these defects across the update for the phone soon.

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