Chip Apple T2 would not allow for repairs of non-treaty reform of the MacBook your


Chip Apple T2 security built-in all of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and iMac Pro and Mac Mini is necessary for many of the features provided by these devices, including the ability to run the digital assistant Siri by voice command ” Hey, Siri“, the sensor fingerprint Touch ID. However, the chip security these also help Apple to restrict its organs and by preventing the shops third party specialized in the repair of the repair devices with this chip.

I’ve confirmed that Apple is now official that the chip security Apple T2 is carrying out a series of diagnostics after the process of quitting first after that is change a certain element in the device, if the found component is unauthorized, they affect the entire device, making it inoperable.

Must be to spare the user the introduction of a repair shop certified by Apple, and needs the person who repairs the hardware to run a special diagnostic program which can be accessed only by centres authorized by Apple or the stores of the company, at least according to the official document made by Apple.

You know the document screen, the motherboard, and the top cover, the sensor fingerprints for MacBook Pro memory storage for your iMac Pro. These are the basic components, which can not be replaced by a repair shop not approved. The same applies to the MacBook Air the 2018 and Mac Mini 2018, which were issued recently.

This may be just another step to ensure the repair of Apple products in repair centers are certified or trying to get some market share of the repair services of third parties. And to make matters worse, I spoke to Apple after when the ” kill switch | the Kill Switch ” activated and what are the products that you need to diagnostic program to run after undergoing repair.



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