Chinese smartphone maker 10 times improved Face ID

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo introduced the complex three-dimensional face recognition, which is able to generate 10 times more detailed model of the face than the Face ID. According to representatives of the vendor, the scanner is projected onto the user’s face 300 thousand points, being able to recognize it from a distance of three meters.

Face ID for Android

At the core of the scanner is a unique structured light emitter, able to determine the time that will be required by the projected pulse to reach the target and return back, but with a virtual “snapshot” of the user’s face. This technology is more effective than Face ID, providing a large working distance and greater safety.

Face recognition from Vivo

The qualitative difference of new technology from Vivo system TrueDepth, the basis of the interface Face ID, is that the Chinese decision consists of fewer sensors and more versatile. For example, the described system is able not only to establish the identity of the user, but also can be used for shooting selfies in portrait mode.

In addition, the development is compatible with the technology of virtual and augmented reality, and also able to recognise gestures and movement. This potential can be realized in the future, when the applications that support AR and VR will eventually come into fashion developers. Learn to create such application, you can now with the new course from Google.

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