Chinese scientists have created a reusable rewritable paper

Despite claims that plain paper will soon cease to be used as a carrier of information, people still used it in large quantities. For example, for writing memos that are stored a long time. That is why now, several scientific teams are developing a so-called rewritable or reusable paper. According to the developers, this paper will help to save a ton of leaves. About the latest development in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, said Chinese scientists.

Experts Pussenkova pedagogical University as the basis took a sheet of the ordinary printing paper and coated one of its sides with a blue thermochromic dye that becomes colorless when heated. The other side of the coated photothermal black toner, which holds heat and releases heat when exposed to light. Then they drew on the blue side of the leaf patterns warm a handle. The toner is heated and discolor the paint in place of the lines being drawn, revealing a white paper.

The developers note that unlike previous experiments, this paper is easy to manufacture, and to erase the entry, no need to use ultraviolet radiation. Just enough to cool it to -10 degrees Celsius and it is “zero” for the new use. This procedure can be repeated at least 100 times without loss of quality.

To write on such paper can not only handle the heat, but the light of the near-infrared range, as well as to print using a thermal printer. Usually reusable paper fade for a few days or weeks. Chinese invention saves the text and images for up to six months at room temperature.

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