Chinese manufacturers agree on the price of 5G, and phones 74$ more, compared with 4G phones

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Smart phones compatible with the 5G will soon reach the market will be more expensive than the 4G phones, but there are many people who are wondering about the cost of the phones and 5G? Well, claims a new report that Chinese companies adopted the formula of ” 5G+500“, which means 500 Chinese yuan equivalent of $ 74 USD.

It seems that this hardly covers the additional costs to produce the phone is 5G. It is expected to add a modem the 5G and the compatible products is about US $ 50 to price, then there is a $ 30 additional antennas, the new and other components.

It should be noted that this is in line with preliminary estimates that suggest that smart phones are compatible with the 5G will be 100$ extra at least compared with their counterparts compatible with 4G LTE networks. But when it comes to consumers in the Western markets, it is possible that the cost of the phones and 5G from$ 200 to$ 300 extra.

The company is looking for specialized in the design and manufacture of the information to achieve a leap in profits with the knowledge that most of the main companies specialized in this area announced from the modem and 5G of their own, including Qualcomm and Samsung and HiSilicon, Intel, MediaTek. Of course, with this great diversity, you must start the prices of the phones and 5G drop quickly, which will improve profit margins of the manufacturers of smart phones.


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