Chinese hackers penetrate data center, a huge Navy and try on its contents

قراصنة صينيون يخترقون مركز بيانات ضخم للبحرية الأمريكية ويستولون على محتوياته

To enable Pirates of the internet Chinese from penetrating the data center belonging to the Navy of the American through the access to several computers belonging to officials on the administration of a secret project of the United States in the period between January and February 2018.

She told the Washington Post that a group of hackers (hackers) in China were able to access the data and get the 614 GB of confidential information regarding the project called Sea Dragon, a project initiated by the U.S. government in 2012 was to finish it this year.

The project aims to establish a Marine Corps special new submarines, where this behavior works as an anti-ship craft and works within the platform and the submarines of Old, the power of the shells no offensive capabilities far greater than previous and has the ability to destroy ships.

The data that has been stolen information on power, signals, special areas of goods, trade, information of the radio communication, as well as specific information for electronic that connects to power. And, of course, the government accused American counterparts, Chinese standing behind those attacks in the region.

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