Chinese Foreign advises Trump using a smart phone of Huawei

The New York Times published a report indicated that US intelligence agencies believe that the Russians and Chinese often listen to the calls of US President Donald Trump when using his iPhone. As confirms the Press that the assistant to the president told him repeatedly that all communication through his mobile phone is not safe, despite the fact that Trump suggested using the phone line Ground your safe-the White House refused to dispense with his phone is of model iPhone.

As usual, not too late, Trump responded to “the press” – as he described – he described the report published by the New York Times as the “long and protracted” he said via a tweet posted on Twitter: “I don’t only use phones to government, nor do I use cell phones only with the permission of the government. I like the fixed telephone lines”.

On the refusal of the Chinese government this report but went a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign beyond that, she said during a press conference: “if they were so concerned about Apple phones that are eavesdropping on them, they can replace phones from Huawei,” he continued: “If they continue being uneasy to get on a perfectly safe, they can stop using all forms of devices of modern communication and cut off all relations with the outside world.

While it seems that the advice of the Chinese President look like just a “joke”, however Huawei is still not able to sell its smart phones in the United States because of trade restrictions and security.

The Chinese Foreign advises Trump using a smart phone of Huawei have been deployed first in are.

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