Chinese engineers presented the concept of hypersonic passenger aircraft

Specialists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed the concept of hypersonic passenger aircraft. According to engineers working on the project, their aircraft will be able to fly the distance between Beijing and New York in two hours. Project leader Cui Kai reports that the speed of a new aircraft can be up to six thousand kilometers per hour, which means that such a plane will fly seven times faster than modern aircraft.

Now the developers have created a reduced copy of the hypersonic aircraft, which is already being tested in the wind tunnel, which is also used to assess the qualities of modern Chinese weapons. During the testing, engineers were able to disperse a copy of the aircraft to a speed of 8.6 thousand kilometers per hour, after which they found that the model is doing very well and behaving very well. Due to the unusual shape of the wings created by Chinese specialists, such an aircraft can carry much more useful load than all similar aircraft currently in development and testing stage. Engineers explain that if they make their supersonic airplane the size of Boeing 737, it will be able to transport up to five tons of cargo and about 50 passengers, while the Boeing 747 can transport up to 20 tons of cargo and up to 200 passengers. But, on the other hand, it is not hypersonic.

Engineers do not call the term for the completion of the development of this aircraft, so it is difficult to say when we will be able to fly from New York to Beijing in just two hours. It remains only to hope that soon.

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