Chinese companies refuse to limit competition in the electric car market, threatening the throne of Tesla

25-12-2018 15-04-15

Company Tesla leading the electric car industry will face stiff competition in the next year, in addition to the fact the advent of many new electric vehicles from more established companies in the car market such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and Audi and other companies, there are also many Chinese companies other startups that have decided to in turn compete in the electric car market with electric cars.

Earlier this day the world of car NIO ES6 new electric announced the emerging Chinese NIO becoming the electric vehicle the second of this Chinese company, now we are here to celebrate your launch of the car Xpeng G3 by the company Xpeng Motors of China, which is the company that received big investments from both the Alibaba Group and Foxconn.

According to the company Xpeng Motors, has announced that it preparing for a second launch of its first electric car Xpeng G3 three years ago. Returning to the year 2017, has offered us this company is the prototype of the first of this electric car, and announced the launch phase test of this electric car on the roads of China in the 21st day of the month last November. Now, the company decided Xpeng Motors offer this electric car on sale in China for 200 thousand Chinese yuan, equivalent to 29 thousand USD.

And the company Xpeng Motors that its electric car the new Xpeng G3 is able to cut a distance of 350 miles at least before needing a recharge. It should be noted that the company Xpeng Motors made using many of the patents of the Council of the to buy Tesla in its electric car the new. As is the case with the company Tesla, the company Xpeng Motors plans turn to create a chain of electric charging stations available in China. The numbers, the company plans Xpeng Motors to create 70 retail for sale in 30 Chinese cities and about 1000 stations for fast charging during the next three years. Moreover, it will be opened 15 centres of the service in each of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, before the Chinese New Year in February of 2019.

The headquarters of the company Xpeng Motors in Guangzhou city, and has R & D centers and marketing in both the Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley in the United States, while the base of the new manufacturing company in Guangdong province with the flag B is expected to be finished of the property by the end of 2019. Currently, the company cooperates Xpeng Motors with a firm Haima Automobile to manufacture electric cars in the city of Zhengzhou. It has been lately supporting the company Xpeng estimated at 350 million USD, most of this support comes from existing investors.

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