Chinese companies looking for an alternative for OLED because of the iPhone 2018

Seeking the leading Chinese companies in smart phones to search for screens alternative screens OLED, worried about the Apple TV that will monopolize the makers of the OLED screen of the iPhone is due to arrive by 2018. It is said that Huawei’s share up thinking about the use of screens Mini LED as an alternative to the OLED is produced by suppliers in Taiwan not disclosed. Worth noting that Samsung is currently the sole supplier of screens OLED iPhone X, however, Apple seeks to bring LG to supply screens Models iPhone next, that consists the production of iPhone with screen of 6.5 inches, while Samsung produces the 5.8-inch. It is rumored that Apple plans to combine screens for OLED and LCD Models iPhone 2018, and model of LCD in a new design similar to the iPhone X. This and the future plans Apple TV to share the screen of the Micro LED that it is currently developing on the iPhone, where they will enjoy a purity of greater brightness and higher efficiency and stronger than the OLED screens the current. Source: Digitimes

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