Chinese companies have three shipments of smartphones in Europe to 2018

الشركات الصينية تحظى بثلث شحنات الهواتف الذكية في أوروبا لعام 2018Knead the past year by a good number of the conferences of the detection of the last versions of smart phones, where was the role of the Chinese present in many of the cities and European capitals they have occupied Paris but the Huawei up to detect their phones the leading in addition to color plus those that have announced phones from other countries, to public and company Canalys study by the market phones in the European continent, which showed the claimed Chinese companies 32% of phone shipments, through 2018; where was the brunt of the Chinese giant Huawei with 23% of the total.

Despite the belligerent American to Chinese companies, particularly Huawei and inserted under the risk to national security except that the latter has achieved remarkable success during the last period and was able to complete her career in the growth and expansion in the global market in spite of the practices of the United States against the effort of the government of the U.S. to pay the allies territories to follow suit.

According to لـCanalys ended the Huawei 2018 the sale of 42.5 telephone the About Apple has about 300 thousand device where the sales of the iPhone during the same period, 42.8 million in the time that tipped the Apple TV after the launch of the latest need Xs XS Mas XR, Huawei ranked second in the world after Samsung until the end of September 2018.

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