China warns tech companies of the effects of the Prohibition of Huawei

Chinese workers on one of the output lines Huawei

After China’s threat to create a list of “entities and non-trusted” list-style developed by the United States, met a number of government officials to the Chinese with a number of technology companies have warned her of the effects the US ban Huawei.

Met with members of the National Development and Reform Commission in China days ago in addition to the ministers of trade and industry and information technology, with a range of large companies including technology giants such as Microsoft and Dell and Samsung and Korea companies working in the field of semiconductor and semi-vectors of any segments of the processors and memory.

He warned Chinese officials to U.S. companies from the transfer of production lines to other countries as a result of the implementation of the command prevention and dealing with specific companies, demanded that those companies stand in the face of the efforts of the management of Trump because their actions will lead to lasting effects.

Worth mentioning that, expected to meet the presidents of the US and China on the sidelines of the top twenty in Japan later this month.

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