China told about the lunar Rover “Chang’e-4”, which will go on the back side of the moon

China showed images of the lander and Rover, which will travel this year on the back of the moon using a spacecraft “Chang’e-4”. According to local newspaper “Xinhua”, the Rover is a rectangular block with two sliding solar panels and installed on the chassis. The device length is 1.5 meters, 1 meter wide, the height is 1.1 meters.

According to the chief engineer of the Chinese space program At Waigani, the Rover, has not received its formal name, as a whole will retain the look of its predecessor, the lunar Rover “WiTu”, delivered to the surface of the satellite using the spacecraft “Chang’e-3” in 2013.

Chinese news Agency with reference to the developers of the device reports that the new Rover will get adaptable parts as well as custom payload size, which will help the camera cope with difficult terrain on the back side of the moon.

The lander going to land in the area of the South pole – Aitken South polar region on the back side of our natural satellite. This area is of great interest to scientists because it contains large amounts of water ice.

The Committee of defense science, technology and industry of China has announced a competition for a name for the new Chinese lunar Rover. To take part in it and offer your own version of can anyone. The bidders can send their proposals via Internet in the period from 15 August to 5 September. The result will be announced in October. The winner not only will receive 3 thousand yuan (about $ 440), but also be invited to the launch to the moon.

After landing the unit will communicate with Earth via a relay satellite, Cacao launched in may of this year. According to the latest data, sending “Chang’e-4” is planned for December of this year.

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