China to monitor smog from satellites

The problem of environmental pollution and the air is recently especially sharply. Especially in States with large volumes of industrial production. And the government has recently announced the launch of a new monitoring system for smog and waste production. It is planned to use a system of satellites.

According to the Ministry of environmental protection of China using satellite observations will be monitored for particles of RM 2.5. What is it? Particles PM2.5 is a slurry gases, composed of both solids-waste production, and liquid droplets ranging in size from 10 nanometers to 2.5 micrometers. Besides the obvious danger to the environment, they can overcome biological barriers like mucous membranes and poison the organism of humans and animals, causing chronic disease and to provoke the development of a variety of conditions including cancer diseases.

A new initiative of the PRC involves launching a network of satellites that are in online mode will monitor the level of air pollution in large cities like Pekinese, Tianjin, and in 26 localities of the North of China. This should help to identify the most dangerous areas to fight air pollution. As stated in the Ministry of environmental protection of China,

“At the end of October this year, the program will connect 11 communities in the valleys of the rivers of FENHE and Weihe to the North-West of China, and in February 2019 added another 41 the city in the valley of the Yangtze river.”

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