China successfully orbited the moon the new lunar lander, and lunar Rover

Chinese space probe “Chang’e-4” with the lander and a moon Rover on Board, successfully entered the orbit of Earth’s natural satellite, according to Space News. Launched five days earlier with the help of the carrier rocket “Changzheng-3B” the device has reached the moon and took an elliptical orbit around it. If the mission is successful, the Chinese lander “Chang’e-4” and Rover will become the first man-made spacecraft landed on the back side of our natural satellite.

Beijing control centre of space flights launched only a basic maneuver engine apparatus, when the one is situated at altitude 129 kilometers above the moon’s surface. It is reported that the station is operating normally. Now the Chinese MCC is preparing to test the connection between the apparatus and the satellite repeater, located behind the Moon about 65-85 thousand kilometers in Lagrange point L2. Its going to be used for communication between Earth, the lander and Rover.

In the phase of transition to lunar orbit was planned to hold three corrective maneuver. However, the PMU had only one maneuver on 9 December. Two others decided not to, because they were considered unnecessary.

Attempt the first ever soft landing on the surface of the back side of the moon China will take in the beginning of 2019 (in January). Officials responsible for the project, has not yet announced where it will be landing, but the most likely place for it will serve as a huge crater Pocket.

The lander and Rover equipped with cameras and various scientific instruments that will analyse the lunar soil on the back side of the moon, and the upper sublayers. In addition, with the help of the lander is planned to conduct an experiment. On Board is insulated container with a closed ecosystem in which scientists will try to grow some seeds, and caterpillars of a silkworm. If all goes according to plan, collected soil samples and the experimental results will be sent back to Earth somewhere in the end of 2019.

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