China start a war on the companies manufacturing the chips

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Launched China’s war on companies manufacturing computer chips, accusing it companies-Micron, Samsung and SK Hynix with a series of violations in antitrust cases, citing evidence of massive undisclosed against them, and these companies combined up to 95 percent of the total global production of chip DRAM, which is the most popular type of chip memory in modern devices, the manufacturers of the chip has an uncertain future in the shadow of the commercial expectations, so after years of strong growth, which averaged 13 percent annually, and helped to make the value of the global market for semiconductors up to $ 412 million.

One biggest companies manufacturing tortillas significant losses in their market value in the billions of dollars in recent weeks, analysts say that the stagnation of the global sales for tablets and smart phones, a trend called analysts name the “peak iPhone”, is not only part of the problem, where the semiconductor industry is the heart of the modern global economy, depending on their availability in billions of consumer devices such as phones and cars and tablets and gaming devices.

The industry generate billions of dollars of exports to some of the largest companies in the world such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Intel, has been affected by many of the large companies in this area such as Micron Technology America Inc, Samsung Electronics, the South Korean depending on the business escalating between the United States and China, and Anti-Monopoly Bureau in China’s capital Beijing, the makers of the chips install prices over the past several years, and it is not yet clear what kinds of actions that China intends to take against these companies.

The availability of company Micron Technology in the heart of the investigations, the issue is particularly interesting to observers because it may refer to the leadership of the Chinese government cold revenge on a continuing investigation into industrial espionage by the United States Department of Justice, where he condemned the U.S. Department of Justice earlier this month, the company manufacturing the chips Chinese state-backed Fujian Jinhua Fujian Jinhua and United Microelectronics Corp of Taiwan, the two companies accusing the two of conspiring to steal trade secrets from the company Micron Technology.

Implemented company Fuijan Jinhua these allegations, the spokesman said that the company always attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, the company Micron Technology is headquartered the United States were lifted in December 2017 lawsuit on the company, Fuijan Jinhua and United Microelectronics Corp. in U.S. Federal Court, and follow these companies to convince the staff of the Micron ex of stealing secret files from the laptops and portable drives in order to transfer it to competing companies.

Considers the ongoing disputes between the makers of computer chips, American, Chinese, a clear sign that technology companies have become stuck in a trade war may give a global market is crucial, where it fought China in order to establish a giant company industry chips can compete companies in the United States, helping them to mitigate their dependence on U.S. imports to supply the local manufacturing companies, as there are six American companies out of the ten largest manufacturers of semiconductors in the world, coupled with the availability of a Taiwanese company and a Japanese and two from South Korea.

The issue of the lack of a Chinese company in the list of the ten largest companies in the world, made the chip a problem for China, given its national role in the electronics industry world, and at the same time, the United States urgently needs to protect the industrial chip, which employs 250 thousand dollars directly supports other functions, is considered an essential link in the information technology industry broader in America.

The issue of moving away from the storm geopolitics is not the only problem faced by some of the makers of the chip, where companies continue to manufacture computer chips, the problems are very different, as the company Nvidia Nvidia, which design and manufacture chip to the GPUs, from the continuous fall in the prices of the digital currency encrypted, which helps this commercial activity on the occurrence of strong sales of card’s own graphics India, depending on the possibility to use devices with strong gear set to the digital currency encrypted.

This has led to strong demand for card graphics NVIDIA to raise the price to several times compared to their original prices, with the high value of some of the $ 200 to $ 800 in some markets, while the decline of the prices of the digital currency encrypted to lower sales of products Nvidia of the middle class.

The company CEO Jensen Huang Jensen Huang has warned that Nvidia are now suffering from the consequences of the digital currency encrypted, analysts had been talking over the months by the sales of businesses related to digital currency encrypted, to the company last week forecast a $ 2.7 billion in the current quarter, a figure which is considerably lower than the forecast of analysts, which amounted to $ 3.4 million.

Said Jensen Huang: “I listened the problem of the digital currency encrypted longer than we thought”, and decreased shares of Nvidia by 18 percent after the news, resulting in a loss of 23 billion USD of market capitalization, has affected the digital currency encrypted significantly in the crisis of Nvidia, as many of the manufacturers of gaming devices request larger quantities than necessary depending on the difficulty of getting them then, but when demand fell for its products by fans of the digital currency encrypted improved display fell asked the makers of computers and games, causing the company great loss.

Works include the manufacture of chips rise and fall in demand continuously, and reviewed the manufacturers that supply the largest technology companies in the world to watch, where it was reported that Apple has reduced the production requests for all phones new, according to its employees in Asia, and lower demand from Apple gaps in the records of the requests for suppliers, analysts have warned for weeks long of sharp cuts in the production of the new iPhones, it seems that these cuts have begun to turn now.

The company said Lumentum Holdings, which is one of the suppliers, reducing its forecast, warning that one of its biggest clients may request to reduce the shipping significantly, as the company reduced its net profit is expected in the second quarter of 2019 from $ 430 million to $ 355 million, and a decrease of 28 percent in its share price, knowing that Maura for iPhone they don’t usually nominate Apple by name in their expectations, but this step contains all the tags related to the value of Apple reducing orders for production of its new, Dropped Apple shares fell by 10 percent since it announced its profit in the beginning of the month.

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