China says it monitors the problem of Huawei – Google (closely)

الصين تقول انها تراقب مشكلة هواوي - جوجل (عن كثب)China says it monitors the problem of Huawei – Google (closely)

In the first reaction of the Chinese government about the reality of the decision Google withhold the application of its licensing of the Android for Phones Huawei future , said a government statement that the employee is being monitored (closely) .

And adds the spokesperson of the Chinese government any further commentary, however, he stressed on the fact that (all requirements to respond to available) .

And Google has announced that current phones from Huawei will continue to receive Google updates and its entry to the Google apps main and on top of the Google Play Store.


Police responded to the Chinese in a brief statement did not explain the crisis fully and I was confirmed on the meaning of a statement to Google previous .

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